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Last Updated: 29 Dec 2023


TITANs must comply with VIDOLA’s request to provide proof or certificate of insurance or other related information and keep VIDOLA abreast of any material changes to the insurance policy.


TITANs must ensure that, at all times, they possess and maintain the requisite certification, license, or permission (if required under any laws and/or regulations) to perform the job order.


TITANs must compete fairly and ethically for job orders, including but not limited to charging reasonable rates for materials, resources, and hours required (within the price range stipulated by VIDOLA in VidolaApp).

TITANs must be truthful about their qualifications, training, experience, and services, and only bid for and accept job orders that are commensurate with their qualifications, training, experience, and services.


TITANs must ensure they have all the necessary tools, equipment, and materials which are in good condition at all times. TITANs must report to VIDOLA if there are any defects in the VIDOLA Kit. Upon the termination and/or expiry of your appointment as a TITAN, you shall return the VIDOLA Kit in good and usable condition (fair wear and tear excepted).


TITANs must schedule work effectively and give ample time buffers to prevent overpacking your schedule. This can be done by estimating the time required for each job order and traveling time from one job order to another.

TITANs must only schedule all job orders between 8 am to 6 pm. All job orders that may give rise to noise disruption to the community such as drilling, hacking, welding, and the like should strictly be conducted within the aforementioned timeframe.

If TITANs are unable to adhere to the timing of an appointment, TITANs must communicate with the customers to reschedule the appointment using the “RESCHEDULE” function within VidolaApp. Such rescheduling shall be subject to the approval of customers.

TITANs are only entitled to 1 rescheduling of appointments per month. If a TITAN requires to reschedule more than 1 appointment per month, (s)he may only do so with a valid reason which shall be communicated via VidolaApp.


Upon arrival at the site, TITANs must greet the customers respectfully and courteously, and identify themselves to the customers.

TITANs must behave with proper decorum and treat customers with dignity and respect, irrespective of race, ethnicity, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, political beliefs/affiliation, citizenship, national origin, religion, culture, disability, economic/class status, union membership, social group, or other grounds for discrimination.


TITANs must perform all works to the best of TITANs’ ability and ensure that repairs and maintenance are completed effectively and efficiently.

TITANs must perform all works in a workmanlike and professional manner.

TITANs must strive for excellence and take pride in good workmanship.

HEALTH, SAFETY & ENVIRONMENT: TITANs must adhere to all laws and regulations on:
– Occupational health and safety – Environment – Public health guidelines and recommendations

TITANs must always prioritize safety and adopt the following non-exhaustive sound health and safety management practices to ensure their own health and safety and of others and to prevent work-related illnesses, accidents, personal injuries, and.


TITANs’ bid offer shall include and factor in a warranty of seven (7) calendar days from the day the job order is completed (for the avoidance of doubt, the day job order is completed is excluded in the calculation of 7-day period).


TITANs must handle and attempt to resolve any customer’s dissatisfaction or conflicts with other TITANs professionally and constructively and in a calm manner.

If TITANs are unable to resolve customers’ dissatisfaction amicably, TITANs should suggest that the customers lodge a complaint with VIDOLA.


TITANs must adhere to all laws and regulations on data protection and privacy, including without limitation to the Malaysian Personal Data Protection Act 2010.


TITANs must always communicate with our customers using chat interface in the GApp in respect of all aspects of the job order, including without limitation to the booking of the job order, payment for the job order, receiving and dealing with complaints, requests for warranty, cancelling any job orders, rescheduling any job orders or reworking any job orders.

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