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VIDOLA App is our proud Malaysian App. VIDOLA App is a secure and systematic App that connects homeowners with service providers known as Titans.
Download our VIDOLA App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. You can search for the services you require (eg plumbing, electrical) and submit the details of the job request. TITANs in your area will reply with their price bidding and accept the job request via the App.
Vi-Fix is our first service feature to assist emergency maintenance services. This was launched on 1st October to support immediate issue raised by customers. Therefore Titans are bidding by their entrance fees and analyse the problem and resolve the issues with additional cost, if required. This works as an emergency room as in a hospital.
Vi-Demand is our upcoming service feature after Vi-Fix. This is planned to launch on April 2024 to support on-demand services raised by customers learnt from Vi-Fix. Through this process the Titans are bidding the complete price of the project/task/service/maintenance works without any additional cost. This works as specialist center as in a hospital.

Once you submit your job request, Titans will place their bidding with their entrance rate. You can then select the Titan which suits your requirement.

On the day of service, the Titan will arrive at your premise and assess the job & if required provide the additional charges for the job.

You can reschedule your request from the VIDOLA App. You are advised to discuss with your Titan via chat feature in the App to ensure you both agree for the rescheduling. Then you can select reschedule at the Job Order details. Reschedule is only approved if Titan accepts in the App reschedule request.

To ensure the safety and integrity of the job, please use the App for any transactions with the Titan.

All our service providers go through identity, background and professional check before they are awarded the Titan position. They are also assessed at our VIDOLA Hubs for competency in their fields.

We are also consistently monitoring reviews and feedbacks on each Titans to ensure we deliver our 4 core values: Time, Trust, Cost and Standard.

Every completed job comes with 7 days warranty. Within the 7 days, if you feel the issue reoccurs, you can raise request for rework via the App with no additional cost.

For spare parts, manufacturer warranty applies.

To ensure the safety and integrity of the job orders, customers are advised to contact Titans via the App chat features.

Any transactions such as rescheduling and payment should be done only via the App Job Order only.

Alternatively, you can also

1) Call Vidoly at +60129551829
2) Email
3) Reach us via LIVE Chat on the App

Here at Vidola Titans we take our users’ personal data with upmost importance. We comply with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 and full info of the privacy policy is available at our website and App.

The bidding window is open for 6 hours and Titans will respond as soon as they are available. You can select the responding Titan immediately. You can also choose to view more biddings from other Titans by waiting for few more offers before making your selection.

If your request is expired before any Titans respond, please get in touch with Vidoly at +60129551829 to get assistance.

In order to ensure the identity of the Titan, using the app, Show QR code for Titan to scan. Here you can see the Titan name & profile picture for your verification before you allow Titan to start any assessment/job.

The initial request bidding on the app is the entrance rate for Titans to visit customer's issue and assess the problem. Upon assessment of the problem, Titan might propose additional charges if it is required for the job depending on the effort required to resolve the problem.

Cancellation shall be done 48 hours prior to the service to avoid any charges. Cancellations are eligible to refund as below:


*Refunds will be transferred to the customer's wallet within 5-7 working days.

When you select the Titan, and make payment via Vidola Wallet, this amount is placed on hold temporarily. This is known as a pre-authorisation hold, or payment authorisation.

Pre-authorisation is a temporary hold on funds on your payment method to ensure that there are sufficient funds available in your account for payment when your booking is completed. The withheld amount is not a charge and the amount will not be deducted from your Vidola wallet until your booking is completed.

After the order is completed, the amount will be released to the Titans after warranty period.

In any case if the order is cancelled by Titan, the amount will be refunded to your wallet.

If you choose to cancel the order, our cancellation policy applies.

Air-con service pricing varies by the type & size of the air-con unit. Our pricing range as below:
  1. Air-con normal service for wall mounted
    • 1.0HP RM85 - RM102
    • 1.5HP RM104 - RM125
    • 2.0HP RM117 - RM141
    • 2.5HP RM130 - RM156
    • 3.0HP RM143 - RM172
  2. Air-con chemical service for wall mounted
    • 1.0HP RM104 - RM125
    • 1.5HP RM130 - RM156
    • 2.0HP RM143 - RM172
    • 2.5HP RM156 - RM188
    • 3.0HP RM169 - RM203
  3. Air-con normal service for cassette
    • 1.0HP RM143 - RM172
    • 1.5HP RM156 - RM188
    • 2.0HP RM169 - RM203
    • 2.5HP RM182 - RM219
    • 3.0HP RM195 - RM234
  4. Air-con chemical service for cassette
    • 1.0HP RM260 - RM312
    • 1.5HP RM286 - RM344
    • 2.0HP RM299 - RM359
    • 2.5HP RM312 - RM375
    • 3.0HP RM325 - RM390

Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Please contact the Vidoly at +60129551829 or for more details.

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