Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the few easy steps to get yourself registered as a qualified Titan:

i) Download our VIDOLA TITAN app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store
ii) Register profile with all related documents and set up your profile
iii) Attend Competency Assessment at VIDOLA Hub
iv) Successful candidates will be qualified as Titans and their profiles will be approved

VIDOLA welcomes all those with relevant competency to explore their potential. Below are the standard qualifications requirements:

i) SPM + 10 Years working experience
ii) Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia
iii) Diploma Kemahiran Malaysia
iv) Diploma Lanjutan Kemahiran Malaysia
v) Diploma & above
vi) Professional certificate

There is no limit to the number of orders a Titan can accept in a day. However, VIDOLA encourages Titans to focus on providing the best quality in each job accepted, instead of focusing on completing more jobs in a day. We also encourage Titans to practice good time management when accepting multiple orders in a day.

We encourage Titans to turn ON 'Ready to accept jobs'. You may turn OFF your app if you know you not going to accept any job in that period of time.

It is also important to have your Location turned ON at all times in order to receive new job requests.

Yes. VIDOLA promises to provide the best quality standard & ensure all Titans have at least the basic maintenance tools.

VIDOLA accepts individual registrations. However, if needed, Titan can register their helper under their profile. The helper has to go through an assessment process at VIDOLA Hub.

VIDOLA app only accepts individual registrations. If a Titan requires helper for the job, they need to be registered under their profile & go through an assessment process at the VIDOLA Hub.

Titan Assessment Process takes up to 7 working days. Titan assessment process involves identity/background screening and competency assessment.

Titans should attend each job personally. If a Titan is found to have sent a friend to attend a job, Vidola will take necessary action on the Titan.

All communication with customers must be through Vidola Titan App. Getting customers' personal contact details is not allowed.

Alternatively, you can also

1) Call Vidoly at +60129551829
2) Email
3) Reach us via LIVE Chat on the App

Existing Titans can consult with Vidola (Titan Support Team) before applying additional expertise on the Titan app.

New Titan applicants need to ensure you have relevent certifcates, knowledge & experience for each expertise you wish to apply. You can also consult with Vidola before applying.


In the event of Titan not being able to attend customer's job at scheduled time there are 2 actions that needs to be taken:

i) Titan should call customer through app and communicate
ii) Titan should Request for Reschedule through app

We pride in serving our customers with qualified and experienced Titans. It is our responsibility to ensure customers feel confident and safe with our Titan's visit into their homes. In line with this we have designed a comprehensive Titan assessment process.

To ensure the safety and integrity of the job orders, Titans are advised to contact customers via the app chat features.

Any transactions such as rescheduling and payment should be done only via the App Job Order only.

Alternatively, you can also

1) Call Vidoly at +60129551829
2) Email
3) Reach us via LIVE Chat on the App

Here at Vidola Titans we take our users’ personal data with upmost importance. We comply with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 and full info of the privacy policy is available at our website and App.

​We understand that there are certain situations that require you to cancel a scheduled job. 

If Titan cancels a scheduled job order without valid reasons and/or fails to be punctual for a scheduled job, Titan is subject to the following actions:
  • 1st cancellation - 1st warning from VIDOLA
  • 2nd cancellation - 2nd warning from VIDOLA
  • 3rd cancellation - final warning from VIDOLA
  • 4th cancellation - suspended from the App for 7 days
  • 5th cancellation - suspended permanently from the App
You may appeal for re-activation and will be reviewed by VIDOLA.

Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Please contact the Vidoly at +60129551829 or for more details.

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For any enquiries or customer support, leave us a message, and we’ll get back to you.

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